Reckitts Crown Blue Square x 4



Reckitts Crown Blue Square

Whitening agent for net curtains/white linens

Comes with free instruction card


Please note: you are purchasing 4 squares


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Reckitts Crown Blue whitener is used to help delay the yellowing effect on net curtains and white linens. It can also be used to get rid of staining on grey horses/pony tails !

Directions for use: Wrap the blue square in a piece of muslin cloth and secure with a rubber band or piece of string. Using a large container of clean rinsing water, stir the blue square while squeezing to allow the aquamarine to seep into the water (do not use in the washing machine).

Dip articles into the water separately for a short time and keep them moving. Remove articles and dry as usual.

Your Reckitts Crown Blue square can be used many times over. Just place on one side and allow to dry out until next needed.